Why You Should Start Drinking White Tea?

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You may have come across the term ‘white tea.’ You may know it as a type of everyday tea or something else.

Also, there are possibilities that you may have heard of green tea.

Then, what is the difference between the two? Worry no more!

From this article, you’ll get to know the meaning of white tea, its benefits, its side effects, and the perfect option to go for between the two. 

Let’s start! 

What Is White Tea? Why Drinking White Tea Is Beneficial?

White tea refers to the least processed and most delicate form of tea. It falls under the family of black tea, Pu’erh tea, black tea, and green tea since it gets prepared from a plant known as ‘Camellia sinensis.’

However, white tea is unique from the other teas since it is processed differently and uses different leaves.

For this, you can’t experience oxidation issues, and it’s a product that’s dried in the sun. As a result, this explains the tea’s flowery note. 

White tea is not a drink for beginners since it can become delicate to anyone who doesn’t know what to expect.

For these individuals, white tea can end up having a watery taste for them. 

Other than this, white tea is a drink that’s more of an excellent indulgent tea.

The reason for this is that it is specific. It does not feature many versions as for the case of black tea or green tea.

Also, the types of white tea available get prepared by using several methods which differ from one region to another.  

Health Benefits Of Drinking White Tea

Many people are now opting for white tea because of the variety of health benefits it offers.

White tea features the highest percentage of antioxidants.

These antioxidants contribute a lot to the white tea’s disease-fighting and preventing properties.

However, attaining white tea’s health benefits, you also need to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Some of the health benefits associated with white tea include

Promoting Oral Health 

Drinking white tea is the most preferred since it doesn’t stain your teeth. Therefore, white tea is the right choice for your oral health.

It features a high percentage of tannins, fluoride, and catechins, which are essential in strengthening your teeth.

They make this a reality by fighting against plaque that forms cavities and bacteria. 

White tea’s fluoride features high bioavailability which helps a lot in preventing cavities.

They enhance this by increasing the resistance of teeth to bacterial attacks.

Recent research shows that the body retains around 34 percent of fluoride in a cup of this tea.

Therefore, this increases the chances of this drink to maintain your oral health.  

It Helps In Fighting Cancer

White tea acts as one agent of fighting cancer. The white tea’s unprocessed, silvery-white leaves feature a high percentage of chemo-preventive antioxidants.  

These antioxidants are essential to the body since they inhibit genetic cell mutations, which are the primary causes of lead cancer.

Recent research shows that the antioxidants contained in white tea impede the development of colon cancer and protect healthy cells surrounding the colon against cancer.  

Also, there is another study that shows that cancer is vital when it comes to killing the cancerous cells. So drinking white tea is beneficial! 

It Helps In Reducing Inflammation

A cup of white tea features a high percentage of antioxidants, which helps a lot in protecting the cells from damage by the free radicals. It is the free radicals that lead to low immunity, chronic inflammation, and several other diseases such as cancer. 

Recent research shows that white tea protects against free radical known as hydrogen peroxide. Also, another study shows that white tea disease preventive properties and helps in reducing inflammation. So, reduce inflammation by drinking white tea!

It Helps In Providing Protection Against Heart Diseases

Drinking white tea has a significant impact when it comes to your heart and cardiac health. This drink features antioxidants that minimize the risk of heart diseases by protecting the heart and cardiac cells from the free radicals.

Also, it contains flavonoids, which helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and keeping stable levels of blood pressure. 

Other than this, some research shows that polyphenol featured in white tea contributes a lot to protecting you from heart disease and inhibiting the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

It Helps In Maintaining A Healthy Weight

Everyone wants to maintain a healthy weight. As a result, drinking white is a vital step to take so you can make this a reality. 

Recent research shows that white tea contains catechins which help to burn fat and enhance your metabolism.

Also, another study suggests that white tea increases weight loss. It makes this a reality by preventing the formation of fat cells and attacking the existing ones. 

Also, drinking white tea can boost your metabolism. White tea can increase your metabolism by four to five percent, hence making it possible for your body to burn excess calories.  

It Features Excellent Anti-Aging Properties

Everyone wants a blemish-free, youthful, and glowing skin.

As a result, drinking white tea is the right choice you can make today since it’s excellent for skin health because of its remarkable anti-aging properties.

White tea contains antioxidants that fight premature aging. They make this a reality by eliminating all the free radicals.  

The youthfulness and glow of your skin depend on collagen and elastin.

Elastin and collagen are essential elements which prevent wrinkle, hence keeping the skin looking blemish-free and youthful.

White tea prevents your skin from wrinkles by inhibiting the activity of enzymes, which deteriorates elastin and collagen.  

Other than this, white tea is essential in treating inflammatory skin conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

White tea comprises gallate. This content aids in the development of the new cells in the skin’s epidermis. These cells are vital in treating rosacea and psoriasis. 

Drinking White Tea Side Effects

White tea features several health benefits, but it also has some side effects, which you will experience if you consume it in excessive amounts. 

The side effects associated with white tea stem from the caffeine it contains.

Some varieties of white tea feature a high percentage of caffeine as others carry a small amount of this content. 

Pregnant women are good examples of individuals who need to be careful about the amount of white tea they consume.

There are high chances for pregnant women to experience complications and harmful effects if they consume more than 200 mg of white tea. 

However, these side effects will become apparent in the later stages of pregnancy. 

Other side effects of high caffeine consumption include gastrointestinal issues, dizziness, increased anxiety, and insomnia. 

Is White Tea A More Healthier Option Than Green Tea

Yes, drinking white tea is a healthier option than green tea.

The reason for this is that a cup of white tea contains a high percentage of antioxidants compared to green tea.

Other than this, white tea is the most preferred since it is less processed compared to green tea. 

The higher percentage of antioxidants in white tea makes it a perfect option when it comes to fighting cancer.

Also, white tea features less caffeine content compared to green tea, hence making it a better choice compared to green tea. 

Final Thoughts of drinking white tea

Generally, white tea features several health benefits that outweigh its side effects. Therefore, drinking white tea is the right step to take today so you can enjoy the outstanding benefits it offers.