The Ultimate Tips to Keep Your Skin Soft this winter

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The Ultimate Tips to Keep Your Skin Soft this winter

“In winter, your skin needs more nutrition, indeed”

In winter, you get more often from dry spots on your skin. We all suffer more often from dry lips, dry cheeks, bare lower legs, and elbows. The cold does not hurt your skin, but we have a sad feeling or what sheets on our lips and also lower legs are very dry after shaving.

Perhaps you recognize this or do you have other places that feel very dry in winter. Below I have written my tips for a soft and healthy skin in winter. It’s not crazy to use a different face cream, lip balm or body cream in winter than in the summer. Indeed, your skin needs more nutrition.

Also, spread your skin even in summer with sunburn. When it’s winter, your skin will lose this, and it can dry. In the autumn, you can rest assured that you use other products, especially more nutritional products than in spring.

“your skin needs more nutrition, indeed”  

  • Dry cheeks

    The face and the check are the parts of your face are most exposed to cold, rain or wind in winter. This can have more effect on one person than in the other, but in my opinion, it may even cause dry red cheeks. In the past, I used to grease petrol on my cheeks when I was in distress. Today, I use a rich day cream like a gentle anti-wrinkle cream or cream for the dry skin.

  • Extra feeding

    You can also use a mask to feed your skin once a week. Do not use a cleansing but nourishing masks, such as honey, cocoa butter, Shea butter or coconut oil. A nutritious mask can be put on your face for longer than 15 minutes because it is not deep cleansing and therefore only feels very nice. Use a mask preferably for sleep. You wipe the thick layer after about half an hour of your skin and leave a thin layer of night cream on the skin.

  • The right body lotion

    Your legs and elbows can also feel dry. You can notice that your skin is dry when it feels tired or itches. Make sure there is fat in body. This can be done with body lotion, but in winter, body butter works better.

    This is a bit thicker and so does the skin better. We brush about one to three times a week, especially the lower legs, elbows, and arms can use that. Extra dry places like your knees and elbows can be worn with Vaseline or extra thick body butter.

    But you can leave it in the night. A bath with oil or a scrub with oil can also be lovely in winter. Your skin is already fed when you shower or bath and you almost do not need to lubricate. Pour your skin dry after such a bath or shower, so that the oil stays on the skin and retracts well.

  • Lips

    Even your lips can use a mask. Spread them well with Vaseline. This stays well and can then retreat all night. You do not have to lubricate all day if you go by day and only when you’re out to get some lip balm. A lip scrub with oil and sugar will also be a good choice. You can get them in the stores.

  • Shave

    With the short skirts and shorts exchanged for longer skinnies, it’s less bad if there are some hairs on your legs, these are now well hidden. But shaving, besides the hairs, also removes some of the top layers of skin cells, like a kind of scrub. If you shave less often in winter, use a scrubbing scrub to keep dead skin cells out of the door, so your skin stays soft. Winter is also the appropriate time to experiment with other hair removal methods.

  • Water and omegas

    Because we are all used to the eight cups of a glass of water a day, you can add one nutritional recipe to it: add some omega to your water. Omegas are fatty acids mainly found in oily fish, nuts, and healthy oils. In addition to doing well in your body (concentrate, rest, sit on your skin and so on), they also have a positive effect on the skin!

  • Do not shower or bathing with too hot water.

    Bathing too much with hot water, can cause the skin lose moisture, and you do not want to do that in winter. If you want to warm up in a bath, then choose bath oil. This makes your skin a lot better because it is less dehydrated than bath foam.

  • Make sure your house is moist enough

    A long-term tip: make sure your home is wet enough. In winter, the air becomes a lot drier, and that has an effect on your skin. Hang moisturizers on the heater or keep wet tea towels on your heating to maintain the air moistly.

In a nutshell, you can feed your skin in a good way and let it go cold days or the foggy weather. Use nice rich or fatter products to keep your skin soft and shiny, even in bad or cold weather. Good care about your body is important to make you feel comfortable and look forward to your beauty. Also, that care for your body can help you to keep more of your body and accept it as it is.

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