Simple but Effective-Skincare tips to get a clear skin in a week

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How to get clear skin in a week with a simple skincare routine.

Is a wedding or a formal get-together coming up? If you are wondering whether it is possible to get clear skin in a week to look good for the occasion, rest assured that it is possible. By following a few skin care tips you can get glowing skin super fast.

Skincare Routine for a clear skin

To get clear skin within a week you need to follow a strict skin routine that involves Cleaning, Toning, and Moisturizing. Follow the CTM regime along with scrubbing, nourishing and polishing techniques to get a fair, glowing and gorgeous skin.

Begin your day by cleaning your skin with a good cleanser. Follow it up with toning and moisturizing. This is the basic routine you have to follow every day.

Don’t forget to apply a sunscreen before leaving home. This would protect your skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun and prevent darkening and fine lines.

At night, remove all the makeup and use a good quality night cream to nourish your skin. Let us now create a day-wise routine that you have to follow for seven days to get a visibly clear and gorgeous skin.

Day 1

After the usual CTM routine, apply a cooling mask. Mix together cucumber juice, glycerin, and rose water and apply this on your face and other body parts. This would tone the skin and keep it fresh.

Day 2

Drink plenty of water and make sure to consume a lot of green veggies and fruits. Make a pack of honey and cream and massage your face with this paste to make it soft and glowing.

Day 3

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion before leaving your home. Use a good scrubber to get rid of the dead cells and allow your skin to breathe. Follow the CTM regime and also apply a face mask made of tomato and lime juice to prevent pigmentation.

Day 4

We are on the fourth day and your skin must be looking fairer and healthier now. To make your skin look clear and gorgeous, give it a steam bath and follow it with a natural face pack made of sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, and milk. Apply this paste to improve the complexion.

Day 5

Begin the day by massaging aloe vera juice on your skin. There are a few skin care tips you can follow like applying grated potato on the under eyes to remove dark circles.

Day 6

Follow a fluid diet today to cleanse your system from within. Along with that exfoliate your skin with a mixture of oats and ground orange peel.

Day 7

Your skin needs a special treat today. Make a smooth paste of apricot and yogurt and apply on your skin. It would look fresh, clear and stunning.

Along with the tips for glowing skin, don’t forget to eat healthy, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. These are simple but very effective tips to get clear skin in a week.


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