How to Determine your Normal Skin Type

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Normal Skin

You often times see people who have really good skin, so good they don’t need a concealer. Smooth, healthy looking and blemish free. Sometimes people ask them what they use on their face. They want to know what oils or creams that they use so that they too could have the same type of skin. More often than not,  you would find out that even if they were to be told the type of skin cream the person used and they bought the same skin cream, there really wouldn’t be so much of a difference in their skin type if there would be a difference at all. It is not because they are trying to hide their beauty hacks, it is simply due to the skin type that they have.


What is Skin type?

Skin type is simply the texture of a person’s skin and they are five types which are dry, normal, oily, combination and sensitive. Your skin type cannot be determined by you, your beauty products or whatever beauty hacks you do. It is determined by your gene. Technically, your parents determine what skin type you would have. It is also classified based on the amount of moisture retained in your skin, the amount of sebum produced by your sebaceous glands and how soft or tough your skin feels.


What is a normal Skin?

A normal skin is essentially a perfect skin. It is the type of skin that most people try to recreate with the airbrushed natural make up look. Normal skins are characterized by the perfect balance they strike between their moisture content and oil content. A normal skin has normally sized pores, not too small and definitely not too big. It hardly ever suffers from any skin breakouts like acne and blackheads. A normal skin is never too oily and neither is it too dry. It is just perfectly balanced.

The characteristics of the normal skin

The normal skin can be recognized based on a few characteristics. They are;

  1. Appearance

The normal skin is not too oily or too dry in appearance

  1. Rosy glow

It’s appearance is very rosy and glowy almost like a natural blush. You only need to see it to know that it is a healthy skin.

  1. The pores:

The pores in a normal skin are not as enlarged as they are in an oily skin and neither are they invisible, they are just perfectly okay.


How to know if you have a normal skin.

There are 2 ways to know if you have a normal skin.

  1. Through the physical characteristic appearance

Knowing that the normal skin is neither oily nor dry, you would be able to tell if your skin is normal. You can also know from the natural rosy glow. If your skin has that characteristic glow then your skin is normal. Lastly, you can check your pores to confirm if your skin is normal or not. If the pores are too enlarged and noticeable, it isn’t a normal skin. On the other hand, if the pores are too small, it also isn’t a normal skin.

  1. Using the step by step guide to knowing your skin type

In this guide, all you have to do is wash your face thoroughly with soap and clean water and then dry it gently. Do not scrub your face with a towel, patting it dry would do. Leave it for some minutes and then touch the surface. If it is smooth and soft then it is normal.

How to identify the normal skin

Identifying the normal skin is very easy. It is that glowy skin that you can’t believe was not gotten from a bottle. It is not too oily and neither is it too dry. It’s just perfect.

Causes of Normal Skin

It is true that the normal skin is gotten mostly from genetics. Most of the people that have the normal skin were lucky to have good genes but then you can still have the normal skin even if your genes aren’t that good.

Normal skin is characterized by a balance between the oil and moisture content in the body. So, if a person is healthy and does not have a lot of fat, good blood circulation and an overall great health, the chances are high that they would develop the normal skin over time.


Treatment and care of Normal Skin

 To be truthful, the normal skin is just a gift from mother nature in the sense that it is perfect and yet does not need a lot of work or any beauty routine to get it to look like it does. However, it does not also mean that the normal skin does not get treated at all. It does but rather than going through so many hoops and applying so many products, organic and chemical, to get it to look like it does, it barely needs the minimum skin care routine to keep it looking fresh.

What not to use on your normal skin.

The normal skin gets treated and cared for. If it isn’t treated well, it would soon deteriorate. So in treating the normal skin, you have to make sure that you are not doing more harm than good by ensuring that the product or products you want to apply on your skin would not offset the natural moisture-oil balance. If this happens, you would have lost your normal skin. Also avoid making use of any products that are too abundant, it might make your skin too become too oily.

 So what products are good enough to use on your normal skin?

The better choice of products would be products that are geared towards preserving the moisture in your skin. Some products that are good for normal skin include hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and antioxidants. The hyaluronic acid is good at binding water to the skin making it soft, elastic and supple. These products would help get rid of germs and free radicals that could damage your skin.


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