How to Determine your Dry skin type with 3 simple ways

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Dry Skin

In all of the skin types so far, dry skin has to be one of the less than desirable ones. Medically known as xerosis, dry skin is caused by a lack of the naturally occurring  fatty layer in the skin. The fatty layers duty is to keep the skin looking fresh, moisturized, soft and supple so with the fatty layer gone, the skin looks dry and flaky. It is very uncomfortable to have dry skin because it itches and generally needs a lot of attention.

Dry skin can come in many stages and most often than not women are the victims to it . It is important to note here that the older people get, the drier their skins become.  When you have dry skin, the outer layer of your skin on the back of your palm and soles of your feet begin to peel a white flaky substance. Your skin is definitely more prone to cracking and sometimes gets irritated.


What is the definition of a dry skin

As I already outlined, a dry skin is a skin condition caused by the under secretion or non-secretion of sebum by the sebaceous gland making the skin to lack vitality and shine.


What are the characteristics of a dry skin?

A dry skin has a whole lot of facts to identify it with and the very first one is that it is dry. Here are the characteristics of a dry skin


  1. Pore size

The pores on a dry skin are almost nonexistent as the skin gets dryer and dryer resulting in closed up skin pores.

  1. Brittleness

Most dry things get to a point where they lose their elasticity if they had one before and then become highly brittle. The skin is not exempted from this process and some dry skins are well on their way to brittle if they aren’t there already.

  1. Skin irritation

Dry skin suffers from so much dryness that any little thing that gets to it irritates it and thus breaks out in little sores and patches frequently.

  1. Complexion.

With dry skin, the complexion would look too ashy and dry and cannot be used. It also looks rough and dusty.

  1. Your skin begins to line

Dry skin always lines easier than the other skins and that is why older people line easily on their skin because as they advance in age, their skin becomes dryer and less resistant to lining.

How to identify a dry skin

Dry skin is easily identified because of its flaky look and ashy appearance. It can also be rightly pegged if someone looked at the scaly parts of the hands of a person with dry skin.


How to know if you have a dry skin

It is a matter of importance that every woman know her skin type. Most women don’t and this is why  most women go about using any skin product that they see worked on someone’s own skin without putting into consideration that everyone has a different skin type and what might be perfect on one skin type might be harmful to another. So, it is very important that women know their skin types before they go looking up remedies to apply to their skin . So, how can you know your skin type?

There are 3 ways of knowing if your skin type is dry and they are;

  1. Note the texture of your skin after a fresh bath.

One of the best ways to know your skin type is by grading your skin type based on how it feels. To do this you start with washing the face and patting it dry. After 30mins, you should then feel the texture of the skin. If your skin looks so drawn out and stretched then you have a dry skin.

  1. Examine your pores.

Ate the pores on your face nonexistent? Do you feel like you have stared for hours in the mirror and you still cannot see your pores? If that is the case, you have a dry skin.

  1. What does your skin like?

Physical appearance gives you the best clue to what your skin type might be. If you look carefully and objectively and realize that your skin is really bad, dry, flaky and easily irritated, you most definitely have a dry skin.


Causes of dry skin.

There are many causes of dry skin. Some of them are from genetics and others may have been acquired as a result of the environment. Here are some of the causes of dry skin.

  1. Elongated hot showers

We all love a hot shower after a day of hard work and most of us would love to soak in a tub of hot water for quite a while. However, turns out that having a long hot shower leaches out the natural sebum in your skin and leaves it dry.

  1. Genetics

Obviously playing one of the biggest roles in your skin type, the genetic information that was passed to a child by its parents controls it’s skin type much more than other factors do.

  1. Environment and weather

The weather and climate of some places are the causes of dry skin in some of the people that live in such areas.

  1. Skin products

Like I mentioned above, women should learn not to use any type of skin care product on themselves because what may work for someone else may not work for you and you might end up hurting your skin. Some skin products have totally leached your face of all its natural oil leaving it very flaky and dry.


Treatments for Dry skin

The treatments for dry skin include the following penetrative steps :

  1. Try not to take forever in the shower.
  2. Keep your hands safe by wearing gloves.
  3. Try to keep the temperature in your house low by making use of a humidifier
  4. Make use of creams and oils that are good moisturizers.
  5. Make use of products that are not too rich in their content, allowing your own skin space to breath and to get there.



The dry skin is a painful skin type to have but on the bright side it does have remedies to overcome it.



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