How to determine if your skin is Oily

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Oily Skin

Ever looked at your skin and thought, all it needs is a little heat and I could probably deep-fry some chicken on my face, it’s that oily. To be honest though, if your oily skin is that bad, it might be time to go see a doctor. Oily skins are called oily for a reason, they truly are oily.

The oily skin, known medically as seborrhea is a type of skin that is mostly noticed in young teenagers who are going through the rough puberty stage. It is a type of skin that is caused by the excess secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands in the face. Oily skin isn’t constant. It readily changes according to several factors which might include stress, weather and hormonal imbalances.


Characteristics of the oily skin.

There are certain things that would quickly clue you in as to what type of skin a person has. For an oily skin, one of these would definitely be present on the skin.

  1. Pores

The pores of an oily skin are a dead  giveaway of the person skin type and that is because they are uniquely enlarged making them visible to people staying close to them.

  1. Complexion

Pinpointing an oily skin from its complexion is as easy as picking out the yellow ball in a tray of red balls. The surface of an oily skin is too slick and shiny not to be noticed.

  1. Spots

The oily skin has an abundance of spots and blemishes. There isn’t a time when it does not have some sort of spot on it. Acne, blackheads and pimples, you name it and you’ll find it on the oily skin.


How to identify an oily skin

Oily skins are easy to identify even more so than normal skins and that is because unless you are blind, you cannot help but notice the slick and shiny look to their skin especially when the light hits it right and it looks like a mirror.


How to know if you have oily skin

There are 3 different ways to find out if you gave oily skin or not.

  1. Making use of the step by step guide to knowing your skin type.

The step by step guide is very easy to use. All it dictates is that the person washes their face. In this method, the person washes the face thoroughly with water and soap. The skin should then be dried by patting and not vigorous rubbing of the towel. After it has been dried, it should be left for about 30 mins before being touched. If the skin is oily and slick again, then your skin type is the oily skin.

  1. Pay attention to the pores.

The pores are one of the easiest and impolite way of finding out if someone has oily skin. It is the easiest because people with oily skin usually have big sized pores on their skin and impolite because you have to strengthen at their faces to notice them. Trust me, the big pores are a prime giveaway of an oily skin.

  1. Try to understand the feel of the skin.

If you touch an oily person’s skin, nothing would need to tell you that you have touched an oily skin. The skin is slick and a bit tough.

More moisturizer?

The need of a moisturizer is a dead giveaway that someone’s skin is not oily. Moisturizers end up making the oily skin even more slick and so people with oily skins tend to steer away from moisturizers.


 Causes of Oily Skin

There are a whole lot of things that cause a person to have oily skin and here are some of them

  1. The genes you carry

This is an integral cause of oily skin because every single one of our characteristics from our parent’s genes so if you have oily skin, you probably got it from mom or dad.

  1. Hormones and their effect on oily skin

Hormones regularly affect the skin and can bring about oily skin. When we hit puberty and our hormones went crazy for a while, almost every one of us excluding those who had the blessed normal skin had spots and horrible acne to show for it.

  1. The drugs we take

Drugs affect the chemical composition of the body. They sometimes affect certain parts of our system but one thing that drugs such as contraceptives do is affect the hormones in our body. Once the hormone responsible for the production of oil, the androgen hormone, gets affected in any way, the skin would be oily at least until the medication is discontinued.

  1. The creams and skin products that have been used on the skin.

This is one of the reasons why people are encouraged to know their skin type so that they would know what product to apply and what not to apply. Sometimes the creams and other products we apply tend to cause more harm than good. Some cosmetic products of low quality can damage your skin making it secrete even more oil than ever.

  1. Health and Diet

Do you know that your overall health and diet has a role to play in the condition of your skin. The skin might secrete more oil if you don’t eat a healthy diet. Eating healthy and taking care of your health goes a long way to make sure that your skin looks less oily by striking a balance between the oil and water content of your skin.


Treatments and Care of Oily Skin

Oily skin needs a lot of treatment because of its texture. The excess sebum released by the sebaceous glands are good at accumulating dirt and germs and if left on the skin for long could cause damage to the skin.


What to treat your oily skin with.

There are several ways to treat the oily skin and some of them include

  1. Regular washing.

The face needs to be regularly washed to remove the already secreted oil which must have accumulated a lot of waste.

  1. Use of Aloe Vera.

Everyone in the beauty business know quite well the goodness and versatility of the Aloe Vera plant. In case of oily skin, the Aloe Vera plant would help to reduce the amount of oil on the skin.

  1. Use tomato paste to form an exfoliating agent.

Use this to wash your face and it is also necessary to make a mask with it before removing it. Tomatoes are made up of salicylic acid which absorbs excess oil in the skin.



If you have the oily skin don’t feel bad, there are ways to overcome it and still get on with your life. Follow the three treatments and look out for a different new you only with a less oily skin.


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