How aging works

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How aging works

Before you jump to the recipes for anti-aging, you need to first understand aging, its undesirable effects, and how exactly it happens. Only then will you be able to know how to deal with it.

As a person gets older, the body undergoes a number of changes. This happens at the cellular level. Tissues start losing their elasticity, and the organs of the body become less efficient. To overcome the effects of aging, people spend vast amounts of money each year. These effects include:



Elastin and collagen are two important fibers that give the skin its elasticity and tightness. With constant exposure to the sun throughout the life, these two fibers lose their strength and break down. This contributes to the skin losing its shape, and wrinkles are formed. The pull of gravity also adds to the wrinkles.


How Aging Works

How Aging Works

Dry Skin

The skin of old people does not produce as much sweat and oil as the skin of younger people. They become more dry. This makes the wrinkles on their skin even more visible.

 Age Spots

As a person gets older, dark spots develop on their skin. These dark spots are one of the effects of constant exposure to the sun. These spots are commonly known as liver spots, although the functionality of liver has nothing to do with them. They start appearing on the skin in the areas where there is an excess of melanin.

Sun Exposure

Most of the aging effects on the skin are due to exposure to the sun. Increased exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to skin cancer as well. To keep the effects of aging at a minimum, avoid direct exposure to the sun. Several methods help with that, such as wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, staying in the shade, or wearing a hat.


Smoking is one of the factors that play a major role in producing wrinkles. The mechanism by which it does that is not yet known, but it is believed that smoking can accelerate the process of aging.

Most people make peace with the fact that their body gets weaker as they age, but they don’t want to appear old to others. They use products to hide the effects of aging on their skin, especially their face. However, this approach is not recommended.

Use of cosmetics is not bad, but a better and more efficient method is to naturally slow down the process. For this, there are several different things which can be done so that you look at least 10 years younger than your actual age. The next chapter describes some of the practices that can help you in slowing down the negative effects of aging.



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