How To Get Rid Of A Stuffy Nose With Home Remedies

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It’s quite irritating when you have a stuffy nose.

The nose drips. It may sound very funny when you start talking. Remember when you finally want to blow the nose to breathe again, and nothing came out.

Many folks think that the stuffy nose problem is because of too much amount of mucus in their nasal passage.

But your clogged nose is the cause of inflamed blood vessels in your sinuses.

Vessels are usually triggered by cold weather, and it causes allergies, sinus infection, and flu. 

Regardless of the causes of the stuffy nose, there are many ways to deal with it.

Home remedy is a good option to relieve a stuffy nose,

Blocked Nose Home Remedies

The methods that I often use to relieve a stuffy nose are eating spicy food and apply dilutions of Eucalyptus oil

Here’s a list of best home remedies you can follow to cure a blocked or stuffy nose. We know how much it could be frustrating to deal with it but worry no more because the solution is here.

1. Take a Hot Shower

take a hot shower to relieved a stuffy nose

Have you ever deal with the stuffy nose and noticed that when you take a hot shower, you can breathe better?

The reason behind it is the steam; a hot shower will help you reduce inflammation and thin out the mouse. Taking a hot shower will help you to breathe easily, and your breath becomes normal again.

You can also make the same effect by breathing steam from hot water in the sink. Just turn on hot water tap in the sink, when temperature arrives place a towel on the head and breath steam. 

Take deep breaths to breathe more steam inside your nose. Do this carefully don’t burn your face with steam or hot water. Taking a hot shower is best among all blocked nose home remedies.

2. Use a Humidifier

 Use a Humidifier to relieve a stuffy nose

Humidifier gives you an easy and quick way to relieve stuffy nose and reduce sinus pain. A humidifier is a machine that can convert water and moisturize the air; it can increase the humidity level of your room.

When you take a breath in that air, it will soothe swollen blood vessels and soothe irritated tissues in the sinus and nose. The humidifier helps you out-breath easily and thick sinus muscles to blow out stuck fluid in the nose.

Putting a humidifier in the room can relieve you from inflammation. So, just add a humidifier to your list of blocked nose home remedies. Using a humidifier will give you instant relief and comfort from a stuffy nose.

3. Use Saline Spray

You can use saline as blocked nose home remedies. Use a saline spray and spray your nasal to increase moisture in the nostrils. The saline spray helps you out too thin nasal muscles and passage.

This will automatically decrease blood vessel inflammation and help you empty fluid easily from your nose. There are many saline nasals sprays available in the market. Some of the saline sprays include decongestant medications.

When you use saline spray must talk to your doctor, because using saline without your doctor, recommendations is not a good idea.

4. Eat spicy food to clear a stuffy nose

Eat spicy food to clear a stuffy nose

If you are a big fan of spicy food, this is an excellent option to cure a blocked nose naturally.

Capsaicin can be found in all chili peppers except for bell peppers, you can add fresh chili on your diet or use the ground chili powder forms. The compounds found in chiles can help ease sinus pain and reduce nasal congestion.

5. Drink Teas and Warm Soups

Drink Teas and Warm Soups to get rid of blocked nose

Many folks swear that drinking hot liquids is very good to deal with a stuffy nose. Though it’s very vital to stay hydrated – particularly when you are not feeling well – liquids can relieve you from a stuffy nose. Use hot teas, like green tea and chamomile, hot soups such as chicken noodles, or drink hot water including lemon and dollop of honey.

These drinks have been traditionally used to deal with a stuffy nose and are best-blocked nose home remedies. So when you deal with a stuffy nose must take teas and warm soup s to recover and relieve your blood vessels.

Drinking teas and warm soups are also good in the cold weather to keep your body warm and avoid flue.

6. Drain Sinuses

Draining your sinuses is not a glamorous task, but it’s good to flush the clogged nostrils with the help of a neti pot. This is a container designed pot to flush fluids and mucus from the nasal passages.

U.S Drug and Food Administration (FDA) have recommended using sterile or distilled water instead of simple tap water.

You can use neti pot easily to drain fluid out of your nasal. Just place the spout in one nostril, now tilt neti pot and allow water to enter into your nose.

Once the water starts flowing into the nostril, now it will make its way from the other nostril and empty your nostrils completely. Neti spray is a good option, and you can use it as blocked nose home remedies. 

Draining sinuses can help you deal with a stuffy nose and reduce inflammation.

7. Try Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil for a stuffy nose

Eucalyptus oil has antibacterial, anti-allergen, and pain-relieving properties.

You may know that several over the counter products like Vicks VapoRub also contain Eucalyptus oil that helps in soothing the nasal passages and clear the airways.

There are several ways to use this oil,

  • The simple way to use them is direct inhalation by applying a few drops to a tissue or a handkerchief and inhaling occasionally when needed.
  • Fill a bathtub with steaming hot water then add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil into the tub, wrap a towel over your head, leaning over the tub and inhale for a few minutes, do it until you feel relieved from the blocked nose.
  • Dilution: You can use this method when your blocked nose is quite intense. You need a carrier oil like almond oil or olive oil mix with Eucalyptus oil to reduce the strength of the essential oil and it make more gentle for your organs and skin. Then you can use apply the mixture by rubbing on the chest and throat.

8. Try Decongestants

Trying decongestant medication is another good option among blocked nose home remedies. It can reduce the swelling and give you instant relief from the pain that is associated with the irritated nasal passage.

Numerous decongestant medications are available in the market without the doctor’s prescription. Decongestants medications come in two different forms, pill and nasal spray.

Nasal sprays include phenylephrine and oxymetazoline. The common pills include pseudoephedrine (Sudogest, Sudafed). You can ask the pharmacist to give you these medicines, and it can help you reduce inflammation and relieve you to breathe normal.

Must try decongestant when you are dealing with a stuffy nose for instant relief.

9. Use Warm Compress

Warm compress is another good blocked nose remedy among a stuffy nose home remedies. A warm compress will help you unclog your stuffy nose and open up your nasal passages.

It’s so simple just soak a towel in some warm water. Now take it out and squeeze the water, fold it and place it on your forehead and nose.

This will give you relief from pain and reduce inflammation in your nostrils.
Repeat this process if necessary.

10. Take Allergy or Antihistamines Medicine

Taking allergy or antihistamines medicines during stuffy nose will help you reduce inflammation in your nose and give you instant relief. Both these medicines will reduce the nasal swelling and open up nasal passages, also help you unclog the stuffy nose.

Some medication includes a combination of decongestant and antihistamines to give you relief from swelling and sinus pressure caused by allergic reactions.

Must follow the instruction given on the medicine to avoid any type of negative side effects. 

Find Relief

The congested or stuffy nose is very uncomfortable, but if you follow these home remedies, it will clear your nose and give you instant relief.

You can also use Over the counter medicines to unclog your nose and reduce vessel inflammation but use them carefully.

While choosing an antihistamine, allergy, or decongestant medicine must talk to the pharmacist to avoid side effects.

Immediately call your doctor if the congested nose doesn’t progress after taking home remedies and medicines for more than three days.