Eat for clear skin

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Eat for clear skin – follow a clear skin diet to make your skin glow

Glowing, gorgeous, radiant or healthy, no matter how you describe it, we all yearn for it. Yes, we are talking about your skin. We all envy clear, flawless and glowing complexion. However, most of us think it is only about genes and makeup but in reality, clear and healthy skin is a result of healthy eating. The easiest way to get healthy skin is to follow a healthy skin diet.

Skinfood – the relation between food and skin

It’s not only about what you apply on your skin but what you put in your mouth. Your diet plays a crucial role in making your skin clear and flawless. So, if you follow a clear skin diet regularly, you can get glowing skin easily.

So, what are the skin foods you must include in your diet to get the radiant skin? Let’s find out.

Healthy skin diet – what is good for your skin

You must include food from different food groups to get adequate nutrition.

Green leafy vegetables – include green leafy vegetables in ample quantities in your daily diet. Spinach and Kale are loaded with beta-carotene that protects the skin from the sun and also repairs it.

Eat colorful vegetables – more colors you add to your diet, more good you would do to your skin. Red vegetables like tomatoes and carrots are full of anti-oxidants that keep the skin looking young.  Along with that, eat vegetables like broccoli, arugula or dandelion greens to fight free radicals that cause damage to the skin.

Fatty fish – omega-3 fatty acids are good for maintaining skin health. Include fish like mackerel, salmon, and herring in your clear skin diet. This would keep your skin moisturized and radiant.

Nuts – don’t frown, we know nuts are high in calories but they are also rich in essential fatty acids that are good for your skin. So, include nuts like almonds and walnuts in your diet. A handful of nuts is enough to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Seeds – next come seeds. Sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and flaxseeds- make these your friends and your skin would never look dull. Nuts are rich in selenium, vitamin E and linoleic acid that moisturize the skin and also keep it thick, healthy, and supple.

Dark chocolates – here is another reason to love the skin diet. The sweet treat that you die for is actually good for your skin. Dark chocolate contains cocoa flavanols that help in hydrating the skin. Consuming 150 calories of dark chocolate daily would do the trick for you.

Last but not the least, you must drink plenty of water. Yes, along with following a healthy skin diet, drink enough water to keep the skin hydrated and supple. So, eat healthily and find your way to clear skin.


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