Can Sauerkraut cured my Acne ?

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The surprising beauty secret of Sauerkraut for acne from inside out

Sauerkraut or sour cabbage is one of my favorite food. I eat quite often, I like to put sauerkraut on my sandwiches and freshly made salad dishes.

Anyway, can Sauerkraut beat acne? 

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Whether you are a man or a woman, it is a foregone conclusion that you have suffered from acne at one point in your life. Generally people go through that awful period during puberty but there are few unfortunate soles for whom this nightmare continues into adulthood and beyond.

All of us agree acne makes us look ugly.

No matter which part of the world you belong to, the moment you see that disgusting red pimple on your skin you start thinking up ways to get rid of it.

When it comes to acne we are willing to go to any length. Whether it involves generations’ old tested clear skin recipes or the latest scientific discoveries, we don’t care about its cost or effectiveness.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have access to our grandma’s clear skin recipes know that although those methods were tested and authentic, they take too much time to be effective. Another fact that goes against them is we no longer have access to 100% pure and organic ingredients required for these recipes. This is where science and research have made our life easy and given us a solution.

Over the last few decades, we have started seeking beauty in the perfectly smooth skin. Realizing the potential, dermatological companies hired researchers and scientist to come up with alternates to our grandmother’s clear skin recipe.

After a long period, they came up with tremendous time-saving and equally effective methods and probiotics are one of them.

What are Probiotics?

For those who don’t know, probiotics are live bacteria that can be found in our digestive system.

When talking about bacteria the first thing that comes to our mind is getting sick, yet that is not always the truth. Nature has blessed us with two types of bacteria, the good ones and the bad ones. When we get sick, the bad bacteria are to be blamed whereas the main role of the good ones is to help us in fighting the bad bacteria.

Probiotic is an example of good bacteria that is found in our digestive system. The main purpose of these probiotics is to help with our digestive issues. Probiotics can be found in several foods like yogurt as well as in the form of supplements.

How probiotics work:

Researchers have found several ways in which probiotics benefit us and keep us healthy. For example, when you get sick and you start taking antibiotics, your immune system starts fighting the bad bacteria. But in this fighting, you lose several good bacteria too.

Probiotics provide you with good bacteria that you have lost while your body was sick hence, helping you in restoring the balance between the good and the bad bacteria of your body.

There are several foods as well as medicine that can help you in reacquiring the good bacteria. You can start consuming foods like yogurt or get this 100 % Natural probiotic supplements from online official website.

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What is actually Sauerkraut?

Being the clear skin freak that we have become, it is no secret we try to know all the ins and outs, the do’s and the don’ts, the yays and nays for our skin. We read magazines, read books from libraries, and even research online for methods to ensure our skin is as perfect as those beautiful models on the magazine cover.

I am sure, that just like me you have also come across several sources that say Sauerkraut is the tried and tested method for smooth skin.

Sauerkraut is basically a German dish made by pickling cabbage. It is not only famous for its distinctive sour flavor but also for its fight against acne.

Making Sauerkraut involves fermenting the finely chopped cabbage. The shredded cabbage is layered in salt and left for fermentation. Due to the fermentation process is a natural probiotic and helps fight against acne and other skin issues.

What does Sauerkraut have to do with acne?

When talking about our skin, we know that like our gut, it houses good as well as bad bacteria. The good bacteria keep our skin glowing and looking healthy whereas the bad bacteria are responsible for all the skin issue, including but not limited to acne.

When you start eating irresponsibly you tip the balance in favor of the bad bacteria and start breaking out more often. Diet and clear skin go side by side. What you eat and drink has a direct effect not only on your digestive system but also your skin.

Sauerkraut helps your digestive system as well as your skin.

Dietitians and health specialists are going crazy over the benefits of consuming fermented food like Sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is rich in healthy bacteria and yeast.

We all know that our gut is where the food breaks down then sent to our blood system which in turn is responsible for transporting it to various parts of our body so that it can be used.

If our intestinal tract is not healthy, this vital process of food consumption will get disrupted and we will start facing health issues.

Harvard-educated integrative-medicine specialist Dr. Andrew Weil was the pioneer in discovering the connection between our guts and skin.

A healthy gut system is not only vital for overall health but also our skin. Research has shown that if your gut environment is not balanced, your body will start releasing toxins into the bloodstream.

These toxins will ultimately reach your skin and as a result, cause an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria of your skin. The inflammation caused by these toxins will prove favorable for the bad bacteria and you will start noticing more acne.

Here are several benefits of consuming Sauerkraut for a healthier skin:

• Boost your immune system and reduces skin inflammation issues.
• Oxidative stress and inflammation triggers can be reduced.
• Reduction in IGF-1, a hormone like substance that causes inflammation, acne and sebum production.
• Reduce food allergies, which are often a cause of acne
• Promotes absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
• Strengthens the gut and skin system to fight against pathogens.
• Helps in better absorbing water and intestinal motility.
• Helps in regulating the blood sugar level.
• Cures leaky guts by repairing and preventing damage to the intestinal wall.
• Reduces stress level which further cases acne lesions.

Health Benefits of Sauerkraut

There are several benefits associated with consuming Sauerkraut.
Here are few benefits that will further nudge you in its favor:

• Sauerkraut is rich in vitamin B, C and K. The fermentation process involved in making Sauerkraut increases the nutritious value of the product. It becomes not only rich in vitamins but also magnesium and calcium.

• Dietitians recommend consuming Sauerkraut due to the high value of fiber, iron, potassium etc. in it.

• The unpasteurized and uncooked version of Sauerkraut has live lactobacilli, microbes and several enzymes. It helps in improving the digestive system and healthy bowel flora so your digestive system can fight against several digestive diseases.

• Sauerkraut offers cure for canker sores. If you suffer from canker sore then take a mouthful of Sauerkraut juice and rinse it for 30 seconds several times a day.

You can also take a spoonful of Sauerkraut, put it on the affected area for a minute or so before chewing it away.

• Sauerkraut is also beneficial for ocular health. It is rich in antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin.

• Patients suffering from mental issues can also benefit from Sauerkraut. They work especially well for people who have gone through antibiotic regime or are under lots of stress.

Despite its several advantages, you should be cautious when consuming too much Sauerkraut.

Overconsumption of Sauerkraut can lead to bloating and уоu may аlѕо experience ѕоmе ѕіdе effects lіkе іntеnѕе аnd heavy аbdоmіnаl cramps.

So,hоw muсh sauerkraut ѕhоuld уоu еаt?

1. You have a digestive issue and Never eaten fermented food, start with small, just one or two brine, then move on to eating small bite of ѕаuеrkrаut, watching for symptoms, it takes about a month then you can eat up 2 forkfuls a day.

2. You are a Healtly person but never eaten fermented food, start with 1 forkful a day and raise up to 1 forkful twice a day.

3. You have been eating variety of fermented food, start with 1-2 forkful once a day then raise up to 2-3 forkfuls with 2-3 meal a day.


Where can I get this Sauerkraut?

A. Homemade Sauerkraut – Make fresh from your kitchen.

If you love homemade food. It’s actually super easy and cheap to make your own Sauerkraut at home. If you are a really busy person, you can make a big batch at once.

Here is a simple recipe of Homemade Sauerkraut.

Ingredients: you need only few items.

• 1 Medium Head of Cabbage ( green or red as you prefer )
• 1-3 Tbsp. sea salt
• 1 tablespoon caraway seeds (optional, for flavor)

1. started with Clean everything by sanitizing all of the jars, mixing bowl, knife and cutting board with boiling water, to get rid of all bacteria

2. Slice or shred cabbage Discard the wilted, limp outer leaves of the cabbage then transfer to a big bowl and Sprinkle with salt.  I use this cabbage Slicer to cut vegetables.  It works great and makes shredding cabbage so easy , nice , thin and fast.

3. Mix the cabbage with clean hands, until the cabbage creates a watery “brine”.

4. Pack the cabbage into a quart jar, Weigh the cabbage down underneath the liquid. Then add a bit of water to completely cover cabbage if it needed.

5. Cover the jar with a tight lid, and leave them at room temperature ideally 60-70°F for at least 2 week.

6. Press the cabbage every few hours, make sure the cabbage is under the liquid, add liquid if needed.

7. Once the sauerkraut is finished, put a tight lid on the jar and move to cold storage. You can store sauerkraut for several months. The sauerkraut’s flavor will continue to develop as it ages like fine wine.

B. What to look if I’d like to buy Sauerkraut from store?

As mentioned, making Sauerkraut is not difficult but there can be several reasons due to which you might not be able to make it yourself:
• You don’t have the knack for cooking
• You might be too busy,
• You are out of cabbage,
• The supermarket is too far away
• You don’t have the patience for the fermentation process
• You simply want to try a new taste before going ahead and making it yourself.

Sauerkraut is usually available in grocery stores however they might not be the good stuff.

Sauerkraut that you find in grocery stores is usually heating and pasteurized. They are made by companies that are in the business of mass production of Sauerkraut, not real food.  If you are looking for the real thing, willing to go to any length to get it then here is what you should look out for

• First get your gears together and head out to the farmers market or the health-food stores. The sellers will store the Sauerkraut in refrigerator which is the first indication of the good stuff. But you might be wondering why they stored it in the refrigerator. We all know that fermentation is a continuous process and Sauerkraut will keep on fermenting if it is not kept at a constant temperature, hence the refrigerators.

• Another downside buying those shelved Sauerkraut from your local grocers is that they will not have that the typical Sauerkraut flavor to it due to being processed and pasteurized.

Pasteurizing and processing is an essential part of preserving food and increasing its shelf life however in case of Sauerkraut it’s the opposite. If you want the authentic food, make sure it’s not caned.

Pasteurization kills vitamin C and lactobacillus bacteria in Sauerkraut which help in digestion. So what is the use of buying pasteurized Sauerkraut when it won’t be able to fulfill its purpose?

• Last but not least, the real Sauerkraut is only made of salt and cabbage. When buying Sauerkraut read the ingredient section. There can be a list of extra vegetable but if it has added sugar, vinegar or preservatives like Sodium Benzoate and Sodium Bisulfate, then don’t buy it.

So, the only sauerkraut you should buy if you want to get the most benefits out of it for your skin is freshly made, not been pasteurized and refrigerated. 

This raw fermented ( Unpasteurized ) sauerkraut from might be a good fit for you.

Sauerkraut is one of the few food items that are made with the simplest ingredients yet it is full of flavor as well as health benefits.

Once you start consuming Sauerkraut you will notice a definite improvement in your health. Your digestive system will start working better and get glowing skin.

Please give it a try, you will love Sauerkraut as I do.