What really Causes Acne ?

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What really Causes Acne ?

Acne is an unwanted but very prevalent skin condition that happens to about 4 out of every 5 people that are within the ages of 11 to 33 years. This condition is most embarrassing for adolescents, as they just start experiencing it at puberty. For others it’s not surprising at all but can be a border when it floods one’s face. Making the face unpleasant to behold, but it is encouraging to discover that it does not lead to any health hazard though.


When emanated skin oil coupled with lifeless skin cells congeals with hair follicles on the skin then acne is formed. The parts of the skin that has an abundance of oil glands are the places were acnes occurs the most. And such oily parts are the face, the upper back, and the higher region of the chest and shoulders. It can appear in the form of pimples, blackheads, oily skin, and whiteheads.

Most cases of acnes are influenced genetically, which means that the factor of inheritance has a lot to play with the frequency of its occurrence. There are some sets of people that are not prone to having acnes occur on their skin. This is the case even when they consume the same type of diet with those that are predominantly affected. It goes to prove that diet might not have a major part in the occurrence of acnes on the skin.


There are many possible causes of acnes such as genes, diet, hormones, stress and other cases. Amongst all these, genetics is the most confirmed cause while the others are only viewed are subordinate factors.

  • Genetics

Because some persons are more vulnerable than others to the disease called acne, genetics is now viewed as its underlying cause. Acne proneness is possibly caused by the effect of several genes. Reasons being that this skin problem does not occur with the common inheritance format.

  • Hormones

Hormones are another cause of acne as an increase in hormonal levels in the body leads to its appearance. During the usual menstruation experienced by females, the level of hormones in the body changes leading to the occurrence of acne during these periods.

This is also the case during puberty leading to proneness to acne as a result of androgen sex hormones that are released at a higher level. So, when hormonal activities are on the increase within the body due to any process or medication, acne are mostly formed.

  • Infections

A bacterial known as anaerobic is responsible for the occurrence of acnes from past studies. However, the underlying detail of the processes by which this takes place has not been clarified. Anaerobic is of the class of Propionibacterium acnes which have some components within that cause all the forms of acnes.

  • Stress

Several studies carried out in the past has proven that stress leads to the occurrence of acnes and even exacerbates it. And the increase in the stress level of individuals with acnes greatly increases the seriousness of the skin problem.

  • Diet

The direct effect of diet in the formation of acnes on the skin is not really confirmed. However, it is observed that when those with acnes consume high levels of glycemic foods it increases the seriousness of acnes.

Types of Acne

There are different classifications of acnes based on its color, size and severity. Measured in degree of severity, there are mild, moderate and severe classes of acnes. But in general the types of acnes are:

  • Blackheads – these are acnes that are black in color and are very noticeable to the eyes. They are evidently seen on the exterior of the skin.
  • Whiteheads – this type of acne is not noticeable to the eyes as they are white and little in size. They are hidden beneath the skin.
  • Pustules – this type of acne comes with pus at the brim and a reddish color at the base. It is very noticeable to the eyes.
  • Cysts – these are very painful acnes that come with a lot of pus. They can leave a scar after the process of healing is completed. Cysts are very noticeable to the eyes.
  • Papules – they are barely noticeable to the eyes due to their small size and pink color.
  • Nobules – these are the largest and severe acnes; they are big, strong and very painful. These acnes have their roots deep within the skin, and as such are obvious to the eyes.


Treatment of Acne

There are a wide range of medications to be used in the treatment of acnes. The severity of the disease determines the kind of medication to be used. Below are some prominent treatments for acne.

  • Benzoyl Peroxide – this serves as a base treatment for all acnes that are not severe in nature. It works by destroying the anaerobic bacterial responsible for acnes through the process of free radical creation.
  • Retinoids – with this medication all inflammations are removed. This is achieved by restoring the cells of the hair follicles back to its usual state. This treatment also brings down the level of sebum formed.
  • Antibiotics – they are useful to combat acnes because they fight against the anaerobic bacterial that causes acne. But, in some cases the bacterial can become resistant to the antibiotic, especially when not applied in full dose.
  • Salicylic acid – this type of treatment is used tropically as a cream. When used it will immediately prevent the reproduction of the anaerobic bacteria, therefore, establishing a cure.

However getting rid of Acne with chemical treatment can be harmful to your skin. As you can see , there are ton of different ways that you can treat and cure Acne naturally.

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How do you deal with your Acne , let us know !!


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