9 Bad Foods that will ruin your clear skin

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9 Bad Foods that will ruin your clear skin

It’s time to learn about bad food that will ruin your beautiful clear skin.

Healthy and unhealthy food are difficult to distinguish today. Things you often think are healthy are harmful because it is stuffed with unhealthy additions. The consequences of unhealthy eating in the long term can be disastrous for your skin.

Below are the few bad foods for your skin:

  1. Milk

You may be surprised that milk is not good for your skin. It’s bad for your stomach and skin, you get fat, and it’s probably not as good for our bones as we thought.

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  1. Snacks

Do you love taking snacks? That is no problem, but make sure you go for a healthy one. Some snacks contain as high as 32 grams of sugar alone. If you want to eat snacks, go for a well-processed one. You can know this by checking the wrapper of most of your snacks.

  1. Energy drinks

Most people take energy drink today. This can hurt your skin so bad because it’s worse than normal soda. Most reputable brands of energy drinks add about 50 grams of sugar to their drinks and about 180mg of caffeine! This amount of sugar is already deleterious to your health. This will alter the blood sugar level and pose a serious health risk.

  1. Bean and ready soup

This contains a lot of salt, and we need so amount of salt to function properly. Too much of salt in the body can cause kidney malfunction and affect the skin of an individual. We have some products that contain a lot of salts like bread, cheese, cold meats, and instant soup.

“The consequences of unhealthy eating in the long term can be disastrous on your skin..”

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          5. Yogurt

  1. A lot of us take yogurt as breakfast today. Yogurt is full of added sugars. There are 13.4 grams of sugar per 100 grams in most yogurt. Therefore, make sure your favorite yogurt is not full with added sugars or leave the yogurt altogether and take a healthy alternative.

  2. 6. Fruit drinks
  3. Fruit juice unhealthy Fruit drinks like orange juice and apple juice look healthy because they make their fresh fruit and often have labeled as 100% pure juice. But many fruit juices have added sugar.A fruit drink still contains a lot of sugar. Since it’s in liquid form, your body absorbs it faster and forms fat. Therefore, skip the fruit juices and drink beverages without sugar such as water,  my fat burning drink or coffee and tea.7. Peanut butter
    Is peanut butter bad? No definitely not. Peanut butter is a healthy way to invest your sandwich. But you have to look out for what peanut butter you buy. It is on our list because most peanut butter contains cheap oil. Therefore choose a peanut butter where 100% peanuts are used.

    8. Caffeine – Caffeinated Drinks
    Coffee, Coffee Beverages, Energy Drinks, Gum, soda, Tea Brews, Soft Drinks

    9. Processed Foods
    Obviously, most foods we eat are processed in some way , however we are talking about foods that have been chemically processed and made solely from artificial substances and refined ingredients. Such as Bacon , ham, Granola Bars, Instant noodle, Dried Fruits, frozen, packaged food , fast food.

Process Food

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