7 Incredible Simple Ways to look good naturally without makeup.

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No makeup look- how to look pretty without makeup

Let your beauty shine. Yes, you don’t need makeup always to look beautiful. Natural look has its own appeal that no makeup can give you. It makes you feel great and look beautiful from within. But how to look beautiful without makeup? Let us share some tips on no makeup look.

    1. Look good naturally – start with the basics. 

We are what we eat and so your natural look tips would begin with your diet and lifestyle. By following a healthy lifestyle you can make your skin glow and look naturally beautiful. Follow a nutritious diet, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. Include nuts, good sources of protein and fruits and vegetables in your diet. Begin your day with a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice to flush out the toxins.

     2. Get a good night’s sleep

We cannot stress enough the importance of adequate sleep. We need around 8 hours of sleep every day to repair our body. Sleep is also essential for the skin to rest, repair the damages and look great. Follow a strict sleep routine and you would find a healthy looking skin greeting you every morning.

   3. Follow a good skin care regime

You don’t have to go for elaborate skin treatments to look gorgeous. A simple skin care regime that involves cleaning, moisturizing and toning are enough to make your skin look young and glowing.

Once a week scrub your face. Exfoliation helps in getting rid of dead cells and makes your skin smoother. Apply a fruit mask to nourish your skin. Use banana or papaya pulp to get a glow on your face.

Follow natural look tips like using a tinted moisturizer along with red lipstick to look gorgeous effortlessly.

   4. Work out every day

Working out regularly is good for your heart and skin. Regular exercising improves blood circulation, uplifts your mood and makes you feel good. It also provides more oxygen to your skin making it look stunning.

   5. Reduce your stress

Stress is bad for your mood and skin. A lot of skin issues like breakouts, fine lines and dark circles are related to an excessive amount of stress. So, reduce your stress level by meditating or following any hobby.

   6. Wear Clothes that enhance your looks

Create the right impression by wearing clothes that make you look good. Be it casuals or formals, make sure you are comfortable in your clothes. Match your outfits with good shoes to complete your look.

  7. Keep Smiling. 

This is the best make up ever. Smiling makes you more beautiful and always look good on everyone. Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love and happiness show from your face, so smile often.

Be compassionate. Practice good hygiene. Follow the natural look tips we have shared and you would always be at the center of attention.

Image source : pixabay.com