11 Easy Things You Can Do Today To Get Rid of Acne Fast and Naturally

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Acne is an inflammation of the skin (more information about the skin) due to the blocking of the skin pores. Such a blockage occurs because dried sebum, bacteria and skin scales accumulate and the skin pores become so clogged. Such an obstruction is initially called a co-eater (comedo) and can be full (white eater) or partially (black eater).

Because of the clogging, bacteria begin to wake and cause irritation at the beginning and later a little inflammation that we know as acne or (youth) pimples. The swellings that occur are papules, pimples and cysts/abscesses. In short, acne consists of several types of skin disorders:

  • White eaters – Full blocked skin pores (no oxygen can be added) that are hard to see. This is an early stage of pimples.
  • Black eaters – Partially clogged skin pore (the oxygen in the air causes the sebum to turn black), slightly larger than white eaters. This is also the beginning of pimples.
  • Papula – Surface, pink or red unevenness of 2-5 mm.
  • Pus – Surface look, same as a pustule but with pus.

“The swellings that occur are papules, pimples and cysts/abscesses. In short, acne consists of several types of skin disorders:”


Can Acne be treated with natural resources?

Yes, that’s possible! You can, of course, use individual products against pimples, but these are often very expensive. That can be a lot cheaper! And in fact, we already have everything in our house to take care of our skin so that no pimples can develop.

Wondering how you can do that? Pimples fight with natural resources Pimples often occurs when your skin is heavy. Unhealthy nutrition, hormones, and polluted air can all cause unevenness to your skin. We have various remedies for acne that make them unable to develop. We put them all for you in a row!

1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a very effective remedy for pimples and co-eaters. It is often claimed that toothpaste is very bad for your skin because it can dry your skin. That does not have to be this way! If you only apply toothpaste on your pimples and work for a quarter of a while, your pimples will be removed, and your skin will not be damaged anymore.

First, it will have a burning feeling, but this is normal, and it will also disappear quite quickly. After that, wash your face so that you also remove the underlying sebum.

2. Tomatoes

Those tomatoes are good for you; everyone knows that. But did you know that tomatoes fight your pimples? The acid in tomatoes is potent to beat blisters. Therefore lay the inside of a tomato in the place where your pimples are, and they will be removed soon.

You can also make a piece of it and put the pulp on your face. Also, at the places where you apply the tomato, you will also have less often a breakout of pimples.

 3. Honey

Honey is not only uncooked, but you can also easily use it to remove your pimples. Leave the honey for 15 minutes after applying it to your pimples. You can also wash your face with honey. This works disinfecting, refreshing and it’s all pure nature!

How do you do that? You wet your face with warm water, and you rub some honey over your face. Was with a warm water and your face is nice and soft! You can also make honey a very effective face mask against pimples.

4. Almond oil or almond milk In addition to honey

Sweet oil is also good for cleansing your skin. Almond oil is also a nice addition to that because olive oil can smell stinking, almond oil smells good. Almond milk can be used which can be gotten in most stores, but you can make almond milk yourself with a blender. All you need is 100 g of peeled almonds and 500 ml of water.

5. Frankincense Oil

Runny oil – known as Frankincense Oil – helps to prevent dry skin and skin aging. Also, it is good to use striae and scars. All of these are by the ingredients alpha pinene, octanol, born acetate, linalool, octyl acetate, incensole and incense acetate. Pretty complicated names, but it seems to work.

6. Rose bottle oil

Sprinkle a bit of raisin oil with rose petroleum oil, and you’ll have a good deal to prevent skin aging and scars. Rosenbottel oil is rich in essential fatty acids that “cure a moist skin.” This type of oil is a dry oil, which means it draws quickly into the skin and does not feel greasy. You can use it almost throughout your body.

7. Apple cider raisins

Apple cider very is a cheap and super effective remedy for the treatment of acne, and the resulting scars. This consists of acetic acid, which has powerful cleaning properties. Dilute the vinegar with some water, moisten a cotton swab and put it on the scars and acne spots.

8. Aloe Vera

The use of a lotion with Aloë Vera is especially good with scars that are still quite young. This allows you to counteract swelling and redness. It also works cooling.

9. Lemon (juice)

Another remedy for scars; lemon juice. Lemon helps to fade dark skin discoloration through the bleaching properties. Also, it helps well with wrinkles, skins, and dead skin cells.

10. Baking powder

Beauty lovers swear when using baking powder when it comes to combating (acne) scars. It has a soft exfoliating effect and acts as a magnet for fat and grease on the skin. Mix some baking powder with some water into a ‘paste.’ Apply this to the face – or to another spot where the scar is located – and allow it to take about 10 to 15 minutes. By using this DIY mask once a week, injuries will visibly decrease over time.

11. Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is probably also available in your kitchen cabinet. In addition to cooking, you can promote the removal of dead skin cells with this type of oil and relieve the relief of scars. Lubricate for sleeping as the olive oil on the scar, this way it can extra well retract and the scars will fade faster.



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