10 Good foods for your clear skin

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10 Good foods for your clear skin

Healthy and unhealthy food is difficult to distinguish today. Things you often think are healthy are harmful because it is stuffed with unhealthy additions. The consequences of unhealthy eating in the long term can be disastrous on your skin.

Below are few foods we have identified to be suitable for your Skin:

1. Chocolate is Good for your Skin
Chocolate is good for your skin and great for wrinkles. Two hours after taking a dose of cocoa doubles the amount of oxygen that transports the blood to your skin by the polyphenols that are in cocoa. Choosing pure chocolate, the purer, the better is important.

Choose for a variant with more than 70% cocoa. This is full of flavonoids, which are all good antioxidants. And, of course, we love antioxidants if we want a beautiful skin! The best option is the way 70% pure chocolate with hazelnuts.

2. Almonds
High vitamin E content in almonds causes skin elasticity and antioxidants in vitamin E help to counteract harmful external influences (the sun, environmental pollution, etc.). There are also many fibers in tons because it contributes to transport waste from your body. This makes the skin clear. Take a small hand of almonds daily (6 to 7 pieces).

3. Avocados
The avocado is also called the most nutritious fruit in the world. No more than you ask me. The good fats, fibers and vitamin E in avocado are real builders for your skin.

They hydrate, and Vitamin E protects you from harmful external influences. Also for this, you do not go too far off avocados, but half a day’s avocado is pretty good.

I think it’s delicious to lubricate a cracker instead of butter. Slice chicken breast over it, tomato and go!

4. Carrots
Carrot also helps in getting clearer skin. The antioxidants in beta-carotene strengthen your skin and have a healing effect. The vitamin A is just for you ‘inner skin’. And the mineral silicon in roots slows down the aging process of your skin, is good for your collagen and has a positive effect on acne and psoriasis.

5. Strawberries
Strawberries are also good for your skin, including the red color. It protects against free radicals. And the vitamin C in strawberries stimulates the production of collagen. and find out more benefits of strawberries here.

6. Brussels sprouts
This can be a lifesaver for most youth with an arch. It contains more vitamin C than oranges than orange itself. Vitamin C is necessary for the formation of connective tissue and provides solid skin. I don’t have Brussels sprouts in my area? Go for Citrus fruits, potatoes, cabbages, kiwis, berries and strawberries are rich in vitamin C.

7. Sunflower oil
Another vitamin that you often encounter in skin care products is vitamin E. Although it has not been shown that lubrication with vitamin E helps, it is important to get enough vitamin E through your diet. They are antioxidant that shields your skin from free radicals. Vegetable oils and plant products like cereals, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits are full of vitamin E.

8. Eggs
The so-called vitamin B complex is also indispensable for your skin and hair. It consists of eight vitamins. Especially B2, B3, and B8 are essential for healthy skin.

9. Salmon Omega-3 fatty acids
This can also contribute to healthy skin. They are useful for curing eczema and allergies, but how many omega-3 fatty acids to get into it is not clear yet. Dry skin may also benefit from it. Also, there are indications that omega-3 fatty acids protect against cardiovascular disease. Especially in fatty fish is a lot of omega-3. You can go for a large species such as mackerel, salmon, eel, herring, sardines, and trout.

10. Tomatoes
Tomato protects the skin from aging and the harmful effects of the sun by lubricating yourself well with sunscreen. It contains lycopene. This fabric gives the red color to tomatoes and is an antioxidant that will protect the skin from burning and aging due to sunlight. Especially tomato products like tomato juice, soup and ketchup are rich in this substance.

“The consequences of unhealthy eating in the long term can be disastrous on your skin..”

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